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Gary Hadden

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana


Officer Gary Hadden is currently a Criminal Interdiction Unit K9 Handler and Trainer for the Indianapolis Metro Police Department. He is also a Task Force Officer for Homeland Security Investigations.


Officer Hadden began his career in Broward County Florida in 1990 before becoming a K9 handler in 1995. Hadden has worked many interdiction details in South Florida, including the Blue Lightning Task Force, multi-jurisdictional counter drug task force and Broward County Pipe-Line Task Force. He has worked multiple canines (Patrol, Narcotics and Bomb) over his twenty-seven-year K9 career and has been on thousands of deployments.


Officer Hadden Joined the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana in 1998, which later merged to become the current Indianapolis Metro Police Department. He has been training K9 teams for many years and continues to be the head trainer for IMPD’s Narcotic Detection and Arson Dog Teams. Hadden is also a certified instructor through the Drug Interdiction Acceptance Program-El Paso Intelligence Center (DIAP-EPIC) and teaches K9 and interdiction courses throughout the nation.


Officer Hadden has published articles in Police Canine Magazines, testifies as an expert on the narcotic contamination of U.S. currency and has conducted training on currency contamination for local and federal prosecutors, as well as the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. Hadden continues to run a parcel interdiction program at the

FedEx Hub at the Indianapolis Airport, where drugs and drug trafficking proceeds in the millions have been seized.

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