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Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony grew up with dogs. In the 1980s he started training his Labrador Retriever for hunting and hunting trials. His passion from there grew and soon he found himself decoying for a local police department, he then went on to become a police officer and K9 handler while also starting to work with pet dogs as a side business.

Paul was a body guard for three fortune 500 CEO’s, where he used his trained K9s for estate security, drug searches and personal protection.

Paul has become a very successful dog trainer. Not only has he been successful in training pet dogs, but Paul has also been successful in competing with his own Belgian Malinois, Finn. As a team, Paul and Finn have been world competitors in the sport of mondioring.

They were chosen to represent the United States on the World Team 5 times, coming in third in the world at the 2018 championships in Russia.

Paul and Finn also were Vice Champions of the USMRA Nationals Competition and, placed eighth in the world at the FMBBs in Czechoslovakia, specific competition where the Breed is represented with the best of the best.

Paul has a natural instinct, years of experience and understands a variety of techniques to help get the results each individual dog needs. His passion for working dogs shows in his training.

Helping others understand how to enhance their relationship with their dog and have fun with training shows in his teachings.

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